About US

Saint and Sailor Studios is an online art gallery and store created by professional photographer and artist Shawn St.Peter. Shawns art features vintage sports, toys and objects photographed in a unique way using a combination of creative lighting and editing techniques to produce some cool wall art that can span generations. Many of his prints can go from your babies nursery on to their toddler room and then into a man cave or office. We're committed to treating our customers with respect and making sure they have the most positive experience when shopping with Saint and Sailor. We use only the highest quality photo papers for our prints and Museum quality archival cotton canvas for our stretched canvases to ensure our work is beautiful and ready to be displayed. We've printed and shipped well over 20,000 prints and canvas in less than 2 years selling primarily on the website Etsy and are now selling some of our most popular and selected prints here on our own site.


About Shawn

Shawn's passion for photography has lead him on a journey that many photographers take, starting out shooting every project that came his way. He's been a wedding photographer, baby photographer, fashion photographer, you name it he's shot it. Now he focuses on commercial projects shooting architecture, restaurants and products, all the while running Saint and Sailor. He's taken all of the skills he's learned about lighting, design and editing to create these cool vintage style prints for your homes and kids rooms.  Why Saint & Sailor you ask? Well the Saint part is a tribute to his family name "St.Peter" and Sailor because Shawn's first job when he left his home state of Montana was with the US Navy, where he rode ships all over the world and became  a sailor. That was a big part of his life and also helped shape who he is today. That and all of those S's sound good together.  Shawn is a husband and a father to an amazing and beautiful wife and two beautiful little girls. He lives in the Pacific Northwest just outside of Portland Oregon and in his own words is "living his dream job" 


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